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    At Lissadell we strive to be a positive part of our clients’ investment, adding our expertise and reliability to achieve their aims and our common goal of creating a legacy of great buildings.


    We operate to the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics. Our business is underpinned by honesty, transparency and fairness.

    These days it has never been more true to say ‘you get what you pay for.’ At Lissadell we quote for what you want and don’t compromise on our high standards. We are reliable, trustworthy and deliver projects that we are proud of. Every project that we undertake is an investment for both us and you, the client.


    We are passionate about what we do. We believe in a hands on approach to producing the highest quality work that we can be justifiably proud of and which our clients love. Our reputation stands on this tenent and we are always available to our team, clients, architects and designers.


    We constantly strive to improve. We identify and develop best practice in construction and continuously review and improve our methodologies. We believe in developing the skills of all of our staff with ongoing training. We proactively research new products and ideas in Ireland and abroad whenever possible.


    Safety for us is paramount. We believe in providing a safe onsite workspace for our employees, clients and visiting public. We respect the right of all our staff to have a healthy and happy working environment.


    1 Leopardstown Office Park
    Burton Hall Avenue
    Sandyford, Dublin 18
    Tel  +353 1 206 1900
    E office@lcl.ie

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