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    Safety First

    Lissadell prioritises the Health, Safety and Welfare of all of our staff and that of anyone who may be affected by our works.

    Education and Training

    H&S related training is a key part of our targetted CPD content. Our H&S Manager holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Safety in Construction while all senior managers posess a Managing Safely in Construction qualification. We place the managment of safety, health and welfare to the forefront of every project from tender stage through to planning and execution of works on site.

    All of our staff have completed Safe Pass, Abrasive Wheels Training, Manual Handling and Working at heights training as well as more specialist CSCS cards for a variety of essential construction tasks.

    Safe T Cert

    Our Safety Health and Welfare system has also been externally assessed and certified by the C.I.F. Safe T Cert scheme. This is an Internationally recognised scheme which itself is ISO:9001 accredited.


    We believe that continual collaboration and communication between our onsite staff and our management teams is a great way to ensure not only the high quality of the works but also that Safety, health and welfare remain at the top of the daily agenda on site and in planning.

    Safety, Health and Welfare Policy

    1. To promote standards of health, safety and welfare that comply with the provisions and requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work ( Construction) 2013 as well as all other statutory provisions and Codes of Practice.
    2. It is policy to ensure so far as reasonably practicable the SHaW of all employee’s whilst at work, and to provide such information, training and supervision needed for this purpose.
    3. It is policy to protect, so far as reasonably practicable, persons not employed by this company who may be affected by our To co-operate with, and seek the co- operation of, subcontractors to ensure work is carried out in a safe manner.
    4. It is policy to co-operate with, and seek the co-operation of, subcontractors to ensure work is carried out in a safe manner.
    5. All employees have the responsibility to co-operate with supervisors and managers to achieve a healthy and safe workplace and to take reasonable care of themselves and others.
    6. It is policy of this company to consult all staff and employees on matters of health and safety to and employees are hereby notified of the company policy and are encouraged to comply with their duties under the 2005 Act to notify the company management of identified hazards in the workplace.
    7. The allocation of duties for safety matters and particular arrangements to implement the policy are set out in the company safety statement.
    8. The policy will be kept up to date particularly as the business changes in nature and To ensure this, the policy and the way in which it has operated will be reviewed annually.
    9. It is company policy to continually review and improve processes with regard to company Safety, health and welfare and to identify new legislation for adoption and implementation.
    • Our Safety Statement is distributed to all Contracts Managers and Foremen and shall be available at head office and site All staff will be made aware of our Safety Statement and are free to request their own copy.

    Excellence through Quality

    Since Mel Columb established Lissadell Construction Limited in 1972, following his father into the building contracting business, the company has earned a reputation for producing work of the very highest quality. This is evidenced by the list of clients and design teams that have repeatedly chosen to work with Lissadell over the years on some of the country’s most important buildings.

    Trusted by Industry Leaders

    The trust placed in our company to tackle the most sensitive of projects speaks to the esteem in which we are held by industry leaders on the design and client side of the business and to the quality of thought, knowledge and skill that Lissadell bring to every challenge.

    Heritage & Conservation

    Lissadell’s pioneering involvement in the reintroduction of Natural Hydrated Lime to the Irish building lexicon on Rathfarnham Castle as well as our sensitive handling of projects such as Kilmainham Court House, winner of The 2017 IDBA Irish Building Project of the year, and the National Monument at 14-17 Moore Street are only part demonstration of the practical and managerial skill set Lissadell can bring to bear.


    Contemporary building and construction projects also fall easily within our skillset and we relish the challenge of new or alternative construction methods and materials. We approach these with the same focus on quality as for any of our heritage projects. Several of our contemporary projects and their designers have been award winners both nationally and internationally. The Lissadell built Alzheimer Daycare Centre in Blackrock, Co. Dublin received peer recognition through nomination in the RIAI awards and an AAI award for Niall Mcloughlin Architects.


    On the job training in addition to attendance at a variety of industry seminars and workshops keeps Lissadell Staff engaged in their ongoing development as construction professionals and up to date on current trends.  Our membership of CIRI and the Heritage Contractors list in addition to Safe T Cert accreditation demonstrate our commitment to achieving the highest industry standards and our pursuit of excellence.

    Today, our business continues to centre around delivering first-rate general contractor and construction management services while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards in the business.

    We continually strive to improve our performance in this regard through ongoing training and policy review and through the adaptation and implementation of improved systems and procedures.

    Our Environment

    At Lissadell we recognise the opportunity we have as builders to enhance the environment and social landscape and we appreciate our responsibility to reduce the negative effects of construction and development on the environment. This not only includes the natural environment but the built and social environments that we live and work in.

    We recognise that we have a significant role to play in protecting and maintaining our country’s rich and varied environment, for the enjoyment and pleasure of future generations.

    We accept our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint by controlling waste, reducing pollution and using energy efficiently. As part of being a responsible business, we are fully aware that we have an important role in carefully considering the way we manage our projects, the materials we use, the energy we consume and conserve and the habitats that we work in.

    Corporate & Social Responsibility

    We are committed to an open and honest way of doing business. Our commitment to our people, the community and the wider environment is woven into the planning and execution of each project from the board room to the construction site. We aim to always behave as good neighbours and to minimise disturbance.

    At Lissadell we strive to develop and nurture a work place culture of social and environmental responsibility and to encourage those that we engage with, to do likewise.


    As registered master builders and heritage contractors, we are proud to be accredited members of these important bodies in the construction industry.


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