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    Dublin Castle

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    Project Summary

    This project involved:

    Investigation works within a protected structure.

    Enabling and construction of lift shaft.

    Renewal of historic stairs.


    The State Apartments are located off the upper yard in Dublin Castle which dates to the 1200’s.

    The project required a strip out of the Marble Hall and preparation for a follow-on phase of work. The scope of work included the construction of a lift shaft including piled foundations and the replacement of a flight of the Battle-axe stairs.

    The strip out included the removal of two marble columns and decorative capitals introduced to the Castle in the 1960’s. This was a difficult and delicate element of work and Lissadell devised a methodology of strapping the columns and lowering them from eye-bolts.

    Historic joinery including window surrounds and doors had to be adjusted by Lissadell operatives due to a rise in the floor level.

    The flight of the Battle-axe stairs was designed by a firm of engineers working with Lissadell, sourced from the UK and fitted by Lissadell operatives.

    Furthermore, and in conjunction with DFK Engineers, Lissadell undertook the load testing of the Battle-axe stairs upon completion.

    This work was carried out within an enclosed hoarding space to allow the castle tours to continue using the other part of the Battle-axe stairs outside the hoarding.

    Other protections included the castellated wall at the rear of the State Apartments where Lissadell accessed the works via a designed scaffold.

    Special Features

    After the project, when the provenance of the marble columns was subsequently explored it was discovered that they were of Roman origin, likely to have originated from the time of Emperor Nero.

    During the excavation works the foundations of the original fourth castle tower was uncovered. Following archaeological investigation this was protected and covered over allowing works to complete.

    In the middle of the project, works had to be suspended for the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II on her historic first visit to Ireland. Her arrival at the state dinner in Dublin Castle was via the Battle-axe stairs.

    Project Details

    Location  Dublin 2
    Sector  Heritage
    Value  €8000,000
    Year Completed  2011
    Client  OPW


    Architect  OPW
    Engineers  O’Connor Sutton Cronin
    Quantity Surveyors  Declan Reddy

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