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    Notable Projects

    Our Favourites

    Some buildings simply feel good when you walk in and those below are among the ones we enjoy returning to at any time. They were either built from scratch or stripped back entirely to its carcass before being remodelled and refurbished by Lissadell.

    Royal College of Physician’s of Ireland  – view project

    Bishop’s Palace, Kilkenny – view project

    St. Paul’s Community Centre, Glenageary – view project

    Killarney House, Co. Kerry – view project

    Challenging Projects

    The following projects contained unusual and interesting challenges requiring an adaptable inventive response.

    Dublin Castle State Apartments

    Noted for the system of removing historic columns and replacement of the Battleaxe stairs. View project

    Gate Theatre Ventilation Project

    Noted for the transformation of the entire underfloor void into a plenum chamber to provide conditioned air to patrons through barely visible floor grilles beneath the seats. View project

    No 6 Kildare Street / RCPI

    Noted for its complex and differing rooms each requiring an individual approach to its rejuvenation. Our largest project to date has been the refurbishment of No. 6 Kildare Street and transformation into conference and event facilities for the RCPI. View project

    Charles Fort, Kinsale

    A small but important structural intervention to the Cockpit Bastion notable for its spectacular setting overlooking the town and inlet. View project

    5-7 Crampton Quay

    Pavement Lights. In 2017 we installed 4 new cast iron pavement lights onto Dublin’s Crampton Quay near the Halfpenny Bridge. These constitute a rare direct replacement for the historic pavement lights that pepper the city streets and are a standout addition along this stretch of quays. View project


    Battleaxe Stairs, Dublin Castle

    An engineering feat in itself creating, installing and load testing a replacement flight of steps for the famous cantilevered stairs. View project

    No 2 Andrew Street

    Timber stairs intricately put together by Lissadell’s craftsmen. View project

    Cranmer Lane

    Steel, glass and timber stairs are a nice feature in these impressive townhouses. View project

    RCPI Admin Stairs, No 6 Kildare Street

    Before entirely gutting No. 6 Kildare Street and starting again we installed a timber spiral stairs from the basement to ground floor. It had a continuous curved timber handrail that was a standout feature. View project

    Pro Cathedral Choir Room Stairs

    Balustrading on this stone stairs was too low for current safety standards and this project saw vertical steel wire guarding fixed outside the handrail. View project

    Stained Glass

    Pro Cathedral Semi Circular Windows

    Specialist lead repairs carried out by UK firm. View project

    Stained Glass repairs at St. Paul’s Church, Glenageary

    Specialist repairs carried out in Ireland together with secondary glazing into newly repaired Caen Stone tracery windows. View project

    Bricks & Stone

    Alzheimers Centre, Blackrock

    The exterior finishes consisting of long horizontals in timber and brick required a high level of workmanship. View project

    St Paul’s Church, Glenageary

    Repair and replacement of existing elaborately carved caen stone window frames to carry refurbished stained glass. View project

    Sandford Park School

    Reproduction and installation of a missing gargoyle in the form of a Griffin to match and mirror the existing one. The Griffin is the school mascot. View project

    University Church,  St Stephen’s Green

    The entire terracota tiled floor was lifted cleaned and replaced to facilitate installation of new underfloor heating. Removal of the church pews revealed an elaborate black and red tile pattern which was reproduced exactly. View project


    Alzheimer Centre in Blackrock

    Hardwood timber finishes throughout including double height bespoke hardwood windows required great skill and knowledge of the material for a successful result. View project

    Cranmer Lane

    Bespoke internal oak panelling with flush window shutters as well as oak-wrapped steel stairs, called for highly skilled craftsmanship. View project

    Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, Shrewbury Road

    Extensive and intricate external joinery details. View project

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